Heating Equipment Services

Heating Equipment Maintenance

Reliability and dependability are two of the most important aspects of any heating system. When you properly maintain and tune your equipment, not only does it lengthen its lifespan, it increases the system’s efficiencies.

We offer different service options to help the needs of all of our customers. With C.O.D. customers, you get to enjoy planning your maintenance as you see fit, while full-service customers enjoy the benefits of scheduled annual maintenance, parts protection, and a 10% discount on additional parts not covered in the plan.


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Save More With A Heating Service Plan!

Instead of paying top dollar for emergency heating system repairs or tune-ups, take advantage of our parent company's Heating System Service Plans. These plans offer:

  • FREE Heating System Tune-Up.
  • Special Discounts: 20% discount for each additional service contract for your home as well as a 15% discount on non-contract work (such as plumbing or non-covered heating system parts and labor).
  • Repair or replacement select parts which may become defective due to normal use or wear and tear during the life of the service agreement.


To get your equipment running at peak efficiencies, who better to trust in the Long Island area than S&S Fuel? Our qualified technicians inspect and repair all aspects of your heating system to provide long life and dependability every winter.

Scheduling a tune-up is an important part of the health of your heating system. Scheduling annually can save you upwards of 10% on energy costs every year. Our tune-ups include:

  • Installing an oil filter cartridge and burner nozzle
  • Adjusting and checking electrodes and nozzle assembly
  • Oiling all motors on burners, fans, and circulators
  • Safety-checking all operating controls
  • Inspecting combustion chamber
    Vacuuming interior of boiler or furnace, flue pipe, and chimney base
  • Adjusting system to maximum efficiency and performing combustion efficiency test to check results

Heating Equipment Installations

Don’t take the chance of hiring people you don’t know to install your heating equipment. When you hire S&S Fuel, we help ensure that your heating system is not only professionally installed but that you are left entirely satisfied.

S&S Fuel installs a wide variety of systems and brands of oil burners, oil tanks, water heaters, indirect-fired hot water storage, furnaces, and boilers.

Not sure if we are what you are looking for? Contact us for a FREE in-home estimate. One of our friendly technicians will come to evaluate your home and form a pressure-free, no-obligation quote.

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