Oil Tanks

Those who use oil heat can safely and conveniently store their fuel on their property with the use of a reliable oil tank. This oil tank will provide your home heating system with fuel whenever the temperatures drop during the winter season.

However, as indestructible as oil tanks may seem, they do have a lifespan. If your home has an outdated underground or aboveground oil tank, S&S Fuel can match you with a new oil tank to meet your needs.

We recommend Granby oil tanks because they are corrosion-resistant while using the latest technology in the industry.

Whenever you need an oil tank replacement for your home, be sure to give S&S Fuel a call. We can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and warm all throughout the winter.

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Granby Oil Tanks

granby 2-in-1 double-wall residential oil tanksS&S Fuel has years of experience in the heating oil and HVAC industry. Over the years, we understand the equipment that is available on the market, including which oil tank manufacturers are the most reliable. After all, we want to recommend products that we can trust and highly recommend to our clients. When it comes to oil tanks, one name sticks out above the rest. Granby. This is why we always recommend these oil tanks when our customers require an oil tank replacement for their home.

Granby tanks offer several advantages over other oil tank manufacturers. These oil tanks are built to last, are designed to prevent corrosion, and are extremely affordable. Granby offers six different residential oil tanks to meet your home heating needs:

  • Fibreglass Oil Tank
  • Ecoplus Oil Tank
  • Standard Oil Tank
  • 2-In-1 Double-Wall Oil Tank
  • Ecogard Oil Tank
  • Standard 20 Plus

Although they have six different residential oil tanks to select from, all of them come with the Granby Storage Tanks quality seal. Granby keeps the homeowner’s specific needs in mind when designing their oil tanks. Furthermore, all of their oil tanks have impressive warranties, meaning that Granby stands by their products. Any manufacturer that offers impressive warranties on their products as Granby does, should give the homeowner peace of mind in the investment that they are making. When it comes to oil tanks, you can’t lose with Granby!

Fuel Oil Tanks Lines

happy family with new heating oil tankThe oil tank lines are as important as the oil tank. After all, one component cannot function properly without the other. Since your safety is one of our top priorities, S&S Fuel recommends that you schedule an oil tank line inspection if your home is over ten years old.

Fuel lines are generally made from brass, steel, iron, or copper. They are constantly being exposed to the elements, including soil, water, or concrete. With sufficient time, they begin to corrode, which leads to small oil leaks. Also, if there is a shift in the home’s foundation, these fuel delivery lines can completely break. This also applies to a shift in basement flooring or the soil that surrounds these lines.

Due to the fact that these lines are typically buried, these oil releases are hard to detect. A small oil leak can go on for years before it is noticeable. When it does become obvious, you have a major issue on your hands and your property value has decreased.

New delivery lines are now installed with protective sleeves or an OSV (oil safety valve). These modern sleeves are non-metallic and are, therefore, not susceptible to corrosion. They protect your fuel lines from getting corroded and from potential damage.

Unfortunately, older homes probably have fuel lines that do not have this protective sleeve in place. However, you can still protect your home by having new delivery lines installed or your current lines encased. This is a viable option to safeguard your home from the potential of leaks.

Many homeowners are unaware of the condition of their fuel delivery lines. It takes a trained eye to determine the true condition that they are in. You can call the professionals at S&S Fuel to evaluate your fuel lines. We can inform you if a replacement if necessary. If you do need to replace your fuel lines, we can replace your old ones with double-walled lines and add an oil safety valve to your current heating system. Give us a call to schedule an oil delivery line inspection today.

Above Ground Oil Tank Replacements

GRANBY residential oil tankIn the past, it was customary to bury fuel oil tanks. Now, most tanks are placed above ground somewhere on the homeowner’s property. You can find them in basements, crawl spaces, or outdoors.

Those who have outdoor oil tanks can take advantage of the outdoor enclosures that S&S Fuel offers. These enclosures can perfectly match the color of your home, making them an ideal option for those who are interested in preserving the aesthetic value of their home.

These outdoor tank enclosures are also a smart investment. They are water-tight and protect your oil tank from being exposed to the outdoor elements. This gives your tank a much longer lifespan than oil tanks that constantly endure extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, these outdoor enclosures function as a secondary containment in the rare event of an oil leak. This keeps your home safe and your property value high.

Give S&S Fuel a call today. We can discuss your oil tank needs and schedule an appointment.

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